Get Professional Help for Keeping Your Home Hygienic

It is not possible to keepyour home completely hygienic with your regular cleaning. There is dirt anddust hiding in places where you’re vacuum cannot reach. Bacteria and other harmful organisms are growing in places which you never thought were dangerous.There are two places in your house which are the most dangerous for your health. They are the places where your diseases start from. These places are difficult for you to clean and need professional service for removing all the harmful bacteria and viruses from them. You wouldn’t have imagined they would be so dangerous. But then, sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. Your carpets and your mattresses are the most dangerous place in your homes. The reason is that you cannot clean them enough to prevent the growth of harmful organisms.

Clean & Care has understood this problem and hence, offers the most effective carpet and mattress cleaning services to keep your homes hygienic. We know how your carpets can hold hard stubborn dirt between the fibers and promote thegrowth of bacteria. It is impossible for you to remove this dirt with daily vacuuming. What you need is a deep cleaning method that only professional cleaners like us can offer. We offer the best methods of carpet cleaning foryour carpets of different materials. We use encapsulation, dry compound cleaning or hot water extraction methods to clean your carpets. These methods don’t affect your carpet in any adverse manner. They are the best methods for removing the dirt completely. Our cleaning methods also take only around 30 minutes for the carpets to dry which means that they will not be moist which will allow germs to grow. We use only the safest non-toxic chemicals for removing the stains from your carpets. We offer the cleaning both at your homes and at our place. We can do the cleaning at a time of your convenience. Weoffer to pick up the carpets and send back the clean carpets. Once our cleaning is done your carpets will remain fresh and hygienic for a long time.

Your mattresses too are places where harmful organisms grow. As they become frequently moist due tobody fluids there is a chance that these organisms are growing there. You spend many hours sleeping on your mattresses that it is easy for the germs to cause illness. Clean & Care has the best cleaning methods to make your mattress clean and hygienic. Whether it is for a professional mattress or carpet cleaning in Singapore we are the best choice.